May, 2015


    May 11, 2015

    Nominated for Best Horror Feature, Best Cinematography, and Best Artwork at

    Action on Film International Film Festival!

    (Los Angeles, CA) Random Media and Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) are releasing THE JOKESTERS on DVD, ON DEMAND and DIGITAL HD on July 21st.

    Cabin in the Woods and Blair Witch Project meet Jackass in this wild ride! Directed by AJ Wedding, THE JOKESTERS is a tension-filled “found footage” horror film starring Nathan Reid, Gabriel Tigerman, Luis Jose Lopez (American Sniper), Dante Spencer and Jen Yeager. DVD Special Features Include: Unedited Trailer, On-Set Pranks and Hijinks, Behind The Scenes and The Making of The Jokesters.

    Synopsis: The “Prankmasters” are an internet sensation a la Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew, who decide to take it to the extreme for their series finale. When the leader of the group, Ethan, announces that he is getting married and leaving the group and the pranks behind, the rest of the members decide to pull off one final stunt that turns into a “Cabin in the Woods” nightmare on their friend’s honeymoon. What happens next is a descent into terror.


     DVD Product Information

    Studio: Random Media

    Item #: RM4788

    UPC: 883476147888

    Street Date: 7/21/15

    SRP: $19.97

    Rating: NR

    Screen Format: Widescreen

    Language: English

    Subtitles: N/A

    CC: Yes

    # of Discs/Runtime: 1 / 78 Minutes

    Genre: Horror

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  • Sundance Science Fiction “Documentary” The Visit Makes Contact with Random Media

    May 8, 2015

    Los Angeles, CA – Random Media has acquired all North American rights for acclaimed Danish documentarian Michael Madsen’s latest film, The Visit. The film premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, where Madsen was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize in World Cinema – Documentary. Since then, The Visit has gone on to a number of screenings, at festivals from Switzerland to Istanbul.

    Described as a “speculative documentary” by Twitch, The Visit has been hailed as “realistic, contemplative and surprisingly credulous” by The Hollywood Reporter. Variety said, “it is likely to engross anyone intrigued by the topic” of extraterrestrial contact.

    Ever since the invention of radio and television, humans have been sending signals into outer space, announcing their existence to other civilizations. The Visit documents humanity’s first encounter with intelligent life from another world. Madsen interviews experts who work for little-known departments and agencies inside NASA, the United Nations, SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute, and others who are responsible for preparing for actual alien contact.

    Based on his interviews with these scenario planners Madsen constructs a chillingly believable scenario of first contact on Earth. Simple questions are asked: “Why are you here? How do you think? What do you see in humans that we don’t see in ourselves?” Implications unfold within a mind-bending landscape of everyday sights and sounds that are turned bizarre and extraordinary, as if seen through the eyes of a life form exploring our planet and societies for the first time.

    The Visit takes viewers on a journey beyond their normal terrestrial perspective, revealing the fears, hopes, and rituals of our species when we are forced to confront alien life forms that may or may not view us as a threat.

    Random Media SVP, Acquisitions Bobby Rock negotiated the deal with Linzee Troubh, Head of Sales at Cinetic Media, and Salma Abdalla, Managing Director of Autlook Films, on behalf of the filmmakers. A theatrical release is planned for the autumn.

  • Exclusive DVDetails/art: “THE JOKESTERS” are no laughing matter! (Fangoria)

    May 8, 2015

    Fangoria –May 6, 2015

    A scary prank goes very, very wrong in THE JOKESTERS, an independent horror feature that yuks it up this summer. We’ve got the exclusive word on the release date, DVD features and the first look at the cover art.

    Random Media releases THE JOKESTERS on disc and VOD July 21. AJ Wedding directed the movie from a screenplay by Nathan Reid, who also stars with Dante Spencer, Gabriel Tigerman, Luis Jose Lopez, Jen Yeager, Jodie Bentley (who produced with Reid) and Angie Simms. The synopsis: “The Internet sensation ‘Master Pranksters’ decide to take it to the extreme for their season finale. When the leader of the group, Ethan, announces that he is getting married and leaving the gang and the pranks behind, the rest of the founding members decide to pull off one final stunt; a “cabin in the woods” nightmare on their friend’s honeymoon. What follows is a spiral descent into terror when the prank goes too far and the members of the group actually start dying.” Extras on the disc will be:

    • Deleted scenes
    • Interviews
    • Auditions
    • Character videos
    • EPK
    • On-set pranks and videos
    • Making of the mask