Blue World Order
    (Available Now)

    Science Fiction & Fantasy/AUSTRALIA/2018
    Directors:  Ché Baker, Dallas Bland
    Writers: Ché Baker, Dallas Bland, Sarah Mason
    Starring:  Jake Ryan, Stephen Hunter, Billy Zane, Bolude Watson, Jack Thompson
    After a nuclear war decimated the northern hemisphere, the surviving population was infected with a deadly bacterium. In an attempt to rebuild civilization, a self appointed government called ‘The ORDER’ distributed an immunization to the bacteria, – with one unintended consequence – it killed all the children. Only one man remained immune – Jake Slater. The only child that survived is his daughter. Now, Jake scavenges the wasteland searching for a way to keep his daughter alive, unaware that she is the only key to the survival of humankind. 
    Producers: Ché Baker, Sarah Mason