For Those in Peril (Available Now)

    Drama / UK / 2013
    Director, writer:  Paul Wright
    Cast:  George Mackay (How I Live Now), Michael Smiley (Kill List), Nichola Burley (Wuthering Heights)

    “Eerie, primal, and crushingly gorgeous, For Those in Peril haunts as it revamps a timeless tale of the devil inside.”
    - Austin Chronicle

    “BOLD AND CONFIDENT. This is a STRIKING new film from valuable new talent”
    -The Guardian

     “Strikingly original…hauntingly atmospheric”
    The Hollywood Reporter

    ”                        “”                        “
    The Telegraph                     The Times                        Total Film     

    Aaron, a young misfit in a remote Scottish community, is the lone survivor of a strange fishing accident that claimed the lives of five men including his older brother. Spurred on by sea-going folklore and local superstition, the village blames Aaron for this tragedy, making him an outcast amongst his own people. Steadfastly refusing to believe that his brother is dead, and possessed by grief, madness and magic, Aaron sets out to recover him.

    Producers: Mary Burke, Polly Stokes

    CANNES Film Festival
    Official Selection, Critics Week 2013

    Winner of the BAFTA Awards, Scotland 2013 for Best Feature Film

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