Guardian of the Highlands
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    Animated / UK / 2013
    Director: Sascha Hartmann
    Writer: Tessa Hartmann
    Cast: Sean Connery (Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, The Rock, Goldfinger) Alan Cumming (X2, Goldeneye, Spy Kids)
    Music by: Academy Award® nominee Patrick Doyle
    Guardian of the Highlands theme song performed by: Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever)

    Heart warming and hilarious, Guardian of the Highlands features an all-star cast including Academy Award® winner Sir Sean Connery in his first ever animated voice-over role as Sir Billi, the Guardian of the Highlands.

    This is an adventure story about an inimitable Highland hero – a grandpa. As active senior skateboarding veterinarian he goes above and beyond the call of duty fighting villainous policemen and powerful lairds in a battle to save an illegal fugitive – Bessie Boo the beaver! Sir Billi braves treacherous ravines and hazardous gullies with his sidekick Gordon the Goat (Alan Cumming) to save Bessie Boo and Wee Dave the rabbit as they hurtle down a perilous river.

    Explore the powerful force of this international Highland community, with its unrivalled landscapes, breathtaking scenery and hidden secrets. Discover the power of the local people when they unite as one against evil and embark on an expedition like no other.  Sir Billi delivers the charm and panache that one would expect of a true Highlander. As the Guardian of the Highlands, everyone will want a grandpa like Sir Billi!

    Producers: Sascha Hartmann, Tessa Hartmann, Sean Connery, John Fortune Fraser