Happily Ever After
    (Available Now)

    Drama/UK, CANADA/2016

    Director: Joan Carr-Wiggin

    Written by Joan Carr-Wiggin, Savitri Gordian

    “Delightful…enchants its audience.”

    When Heather and Sarah Ann were growing up they told each other every secret. But Heather left their small town on the last day of high school vowing never to return. Forced to come back when her father becomes ill, the young documentary filmmaker is pressured into filming Sarah Ann’s wedding video. Heather is convinced that the edgy filmmaker and bubbly pink-wearing bride have nothing in common, but as the big day approaches she finds that no one is quite what they seem – especially the old friend she thought she knew better than anyone. Starring Janet Montgomery (The Black Swan), Sarah Paxton (The Innkeepers), Alex Kingston (ER) and Peter Firth (Pearl Harbor, Mighty Joe Young), Happily Ever After has excellent production value, a fresh contemporary premise and terrific performances by an intergenerational cast.

    Producer: David Gordian, Alan Latham