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    Comedy/Drama /USA/ 2017
    Director:  Matt Ott
    Starring: Sonja O’hara, Katie Morrison, Hassan Johnson, Jaspal Binning, Rutanya Alda
    Writers: Sonja O’Hara

    OVUM is a provocative dark comedy about a quirky actress who tries method acting to approach a role and is drawn into the shady world of egg donation clinics and the characters who populate them: from unscrupulous doctors with mind bending fertility drugs to the model donors and a notorious faded movie star who wants our heroine’s OVUM at any cost. But things are not as they first appear in a world where wealthy couples seek to buy the perfect designer egg. Is more at stake than just a role? What is the true worth of a human egg?

    Producers: Vincent Petrosini, Anna Lauren Farrell, Sonja O’Hara