Raised By Wolves
    (Available Now)

    Horror/UK/ 2015
    Director:  Mitchell Altieri
    Writer: Mitchell Altieri
    Cast:  Monty Geer,  Evan Crooks,  Jenna Haze

    In the summer of 1973, dozens of teenagers were lured to a remote plantation by a charismatic cult leader and brainwashed into attacking anyone outside their group. What followed was a killing spree of unimaginable brutality. The horrendous crimes were covered up and the only survivor locked away. The secrets of the Plainsong Massacre remained hidden…until now.

    Seven teenagers – looking for a place to skateboard, drink beer and raise hell – drive a stolen truck to the long abandoned plantation. The high-spirited teens initially laugh off the blood-stained walls and mysterious symbols but, with night falling, it becomes clear they are being stalked by a force of pure evil and limitless power. As the childhood friends fight for survival, they discover the horrific truth about the massacre, and Mikey’s footage builds to a final confrontation that echoes all our nightmares.

    Producers:  Frederick Cipoletti, Phil Flores, Cory Knauf, Alejandro Salomon