Run Away With Me
    (Available Now)

    Sci-Fi, Thriller /UK/ 2017
    Director:  Eren Özkural 
    Starring:  Kye Loren,  Rosie MacPherson,  Bill Hutchens
    Writer: Eren Özkural 
    The future. One of the last remaining cities on Earth. Abraham, a former soldier, has come out of prison for a crime he was forced to commit ten years earlier. With no way of reclaiming the idyllic life he once led, he accepts work from a mysterious benefactor named Ingram. Abraham is tasked with a dangerous mission to save humanity. Along the way he forms a relationship with Marja, a strikingly beautiful woman with a link to Abraham’s past. All is not what it seems as time runs out and Abraham questions where his loyalties lie: the woman or the mission? Abraham and Marja run away from the authorities and criminals that make up the city. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance.
    Producers: Ozan Özkural, Mark Evans