The Buskers And Lou
    (Available Now)

    Director: Alex Cassun
    Writer: Alex Cassun
    Starring:  Marshall Walker Lee, Megan Carver, Tyler Andre
    Lou grew up in bohemian style surrounded by artists and musicians, until suddenly disappearing without a word to his friends. Returning a couple years later wearing a suit and tie, he is determined to create a new life for himself. He wants new opportunities, a new place to live, a car, a credit card – a normal life. After a rough start he lands a job as a retail stock-taker – exhausting hours and awful pay, but a job’s a job and Lou is thankful for any opportunity to improve his situation. Things are looking up until a chance encounter with old friend Ben puts Lou’s past life on a collision course with his new ambitions. As work grinds him down, Lou struggles to not fall back in with his old crowd, and as his situation grows desperate, clues to his two year absence are revealed. When he’s invited to The Big Dig – a raucous party to unearth the time capsule they buried 10 years ago – Lou realizes it will be impossible for him to fulfill his future ambitions if he doesn’t first come to terms with his troubled past.
    Producer: Alex Cassun