Those Left Behind
    (Available Now)

    Drama /USA/ 2017
    Director:  Maria Finitzo
    Starring: Daphne Zuniga, Michael Hogan, Jack Griffo, Debra Mooney, Grant Jordan
    Writer: Maria Finitzo

    In this touching family drama about memories, guilt, and the ghosts that lurk in our minds, a getaway to the idyllic lakeside summer home of her childhood brings 45-year old doctor Shelly (Daphne Zuniga) face to face with unresolved grief over the suicide of her younger brother Jamie when they were both in their teens. Award-winning director Maria Finitzo sensitively evokes the conflicting emotional undercurrents in the family dynamic, as an aging mom’s acceptance and a dad’s anger serve to summon up the unacknowledged absence and unsaid words, impacting not only Shelly, but also her young adult son Noah (Jack Griffith).

    Producer: Lije Sarki