Director(s): Eric Paul Erickson
    Writer(s): Eric Paul Erickson
    Starring:  Rachel Alig, Eric Paul Erickson
    After a long and bloody revolution, captured army officer Xavier Faraday is dragged from his cell and ushered into a dark holding room. He is restrained opposite Maria Ramses, his appointed representative for the fledgling government’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee. She offers him a chance at amnesty if he will detail his time at a notorious internment camp. Xavier reluctantly agrees. Slowly, Maria peels away the layers of the man’s life. He details his time at the camp and how he survived the civil war, but underneath, Xavier is hiding something. When the curtain is pulled back, Xavier learns he is not being offered amnesty; instead this has all been a part of an interrogation. And more so, Maria is not who she seems. She was a prisoner at the internment camp and will go to any length for the truth she desires. Maria digs deeper, using all the means at her disposal. As the interrogation turns darker, she turns to physical and psychological methods to get her answers. But as she sacrifices her own morality, Xavier fights back with the only weapon he has: his mind. Xavier preys on Maria’s weaknesses and psychological state, forcing her to reconsider her own belief system.
    Producer(s):  Jon Kondelik, James Kondelik, Eric Paul Erickson