• Deadline: Random Media Takes On ‘The Experience’

    May 1, 2019

    Random Media has obtained the world rights to The Experience, an LGBTQ+ coming-of-age drama written and directed by Katerina Gorshkov. Allison Kove, Ava Capri, Shawn Christian, Lou Ferrigno Jr., Sabina Gadecki, star along with Brigitte Nielsen and Gordon Thomson. The pic, which hails from Black Stallion Productions, will get a day-and-date release in November. Set against the backdrop of a ‘tough love’ wilderness program for the wayward children, the plot examines the life of Scarlet (Kove), a teenage girl whose ongoing behavior – partying, piercings and suicide attempts – have landed her at ‘The Hills of Heaven’ camp. When a mysterious girl named Dillion (Capri) arrives at camp, Scarlet begins to open up and maybe even fall in love. However, just when these girls are making a meaningful connection, they are forced to reconcile their reality in ways they cannot begin to fathom and question the very fabric of their own existence. This is the first feature from Gorshkov, who also produced the pic with co-producer Jaime Gallagher and associate producer Jason Schmid. The deal was negotiated by Eric Doctorow on behalf of Random Media and by Glen Reynolds and Sebastian Twardosz of Circus Road Films on behalf of the filmmakers.




    January 17, 2018

    Los Angeles, Calif., — January 11, 2018 — A leader in distribution and promotion of independent cinema, Random Media enters its 4th year by announcing the acquisition and release dates for 12 new films, in early 2018. Adding to the company’s distinctly diverse portfolio of top indie narrative features and documentaries, this initial 2018 slate includes worldwide debuts bowing on a variety of platforms including DVD, streaming digital and video-on-demand (VOD). The Random Media feature film slate bowing from January to April, are (chronologically):


    January 16 – BLUE WORLD ORDER

    Starring Jake Ryan and acclaimed actor Billy Zane, BLUE WORLD ORDER is a high- octane sci-fi adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by a virus. In a desperate race against time, the one man who remains immune must free the survivors, including the last child on Earth…his daughter.



    TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/242331572

    January 23 – DARK MERIDIAN

     A tense race-against-time thriller with an incredible ending that marks the writing and directorial debut of Rankin Hickman (production supervisor – 2 Guns, Parker and Leonie), DARK MERIDIAN is the story of a corrupt New Orleans detective who gets caught up in a fight between two criminal gangs while on a stake out. To survive the night, he must find a killer on the run and take him out before the killer reaches his othertargets.


    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5846628/?ref_=nv_sr_1

    TRAILER: https://youtu.be/72jHzzBCIAA


    An original comedy adventure, FROM HOLLYWOOD TO ROSE is the story of a middle-aged woman in a bridal gown, who boards a city bus in the middle of the night, where she meets an assortment of eccentrics and social outcasts who shape the course of her bizarre journey.


    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5136898/

    TRAILER: https://youtu.be/NUw_cJ5laFQ

    February 13 – LUCKY U RANCH

    A heartwarming 1950s period drama about a chubby 11-year-old Arizona boy who is bullied and believes all is lost, until the arrival of an energetic free-spirited Hollywood girl, who teaches him baseball, self-confidence and changeseverything.


    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3684870/?ref_=nv_sr_1

    TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/242660327


    Timely in our age of political correctness, this hilarious and witty female buddy comedy is the story of an abrasive microbiologist who crosses the line in dealing with a colleague. As a result, she is forced into sensitivity training with a personal coach whose bubbly disposition represents everything she hates.



    TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/242656738

    March 6 – JOSEPHINE DOE

    Josephine is the bright spark in Claire’s dark reality; a new friend in an otherwise isolated world. But when the two women find themselves in trouble with the law, Claire discovers Jo is not at all what she seems and their easy friendship splits open to reveal an unsettling truth.



    TRAILER: www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3_7mfuLCko


    An intimate and engaging documentary, NIGHT BIRD SONG: THE INCANDESCENT LIFE OF THOMAS CHAPIN tells the fascinating story behind the life and music of jazz great Thomas Chapin, a virtuoso from NYC’s downtown scene in the 80’s and 90’s, whose brilliant compositions and work in a broad breath of genres, left music critics and fellow musicians alike, amazed at his ability to bend the genre of jazz with innovativeoriginality.



    TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/248892223


    Starring Harry Hamlin, THE UNATTAINABLE STORY is about a controlling stage director who begins to realize that he is only a character in the story he is directing. The line between real life and the world of the play ultimately start to blur as the director uncover the production writer’s reason to manipulate him in her attempt to have him to direct the play the way she wants.


    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3365280/?ref_=nm_flmg_prd_2

    TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/248903085


    A beautifully crafted, classically inspired 1940’s noir story, TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS follows Roland Drake, a Los Angeles Private Investigator trying to untangle a mystery that is only landing him in deeper trouble. Starring Vernon Wells (Mad Max, Commando) and Brittney Powell (Xena), it’s an adventure that ticks all the classic boxes, including seductive femme fatales, corrupt cops, a weary PI, and troublesome thugs and dames.



    TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/252439168

    April 10 – MIGHTY GROUND

    This powerful documentary follows the journey of a gifted singer named Ronald Troy Collins, a homeless man living on the streets of Skid Row, and the impact he makes on those who come to love him. A living example of redemption and what it means to transform oneself from rock bottom.



    TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/249609350

    April 17 – THE ALIENS

    A unique sci-fi drama, THE ALIENS is the story of Jacob, UFO believer who camps in the desert each weekend, believing that one day he will be visited by extra-terrestrials. Over time Jacob befriends a mysterious desert guide who appears in his campsite week after week and must eventually decide between aliens above that he has never seen, or her.



    TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/209310273

    April 24 – THE DEPTHS

    This psychological thriller is the story of two screenwriters who are so desperate for success, they decide to fully explore the depths of murder and crime within their story, only to discover their obsession with their work has made it all too real.



    TRAILER: https://youtu.be/_7ezcmA7cLU

    An industry leader in the distribution of independent film, Random Media is led by Eric Doctorow whose extensive experience includes more than three decades of management roles of in domestic and international theatrical and home entertainment distribution at   Paramount Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, MGM and others. The Random Media management team also includes veteran entertainment industry executive Don Rosenberg as COO and Head Kenn Heller as Head of Acquisition who previously spent more than 35 years as a member of the UCLA senior leadership team, including managing the university’s renowned student film, music and speakerprograms.

    “Were excited to start 2018 with a star-studded line-up of films from the extraordinary worldwide pool of filmmakers who are telling powerful stories with both narrative features and documentaries,’ noted Doctorow. “As we enter our company’s fourth year we continue to grow, driven by our dynamic distribution and platform partners”





  • Variety: Tugg Becomes Random Media’s Releasing Platform

    April 17, 2017


    April 7, 2017

    Five-year-old releasing platform Tugg Inc. has unveiled its first-ever arrangement to become the primary theatrical releasing arm for an independent distributor.

    Tugg will now be the full releasing arm for select Random Media films, providing promotional services, campaign strategy, advertising and theatre booking services.

    The first film to be released in this unique new arrangement will be “Finding Kim,” a documentary that follows a Transgender man during a three-year period as he transitions from female to male. The film will initially screen staring June 1 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Miami, with additional cities to be named later, along with the opportunity for groups, organizations, and individuals to bring the film to their local cinema.

    Eric Doctorow, CEO of Random Media, said, “Finding a creative way to release our films theatrically has long been a goal of Random Media. Tugg has built a very successful business finding clever ways to create theatrical exposure for unique films and we look forward to working closely with them to expand the audience for our films. This is an exciting opportunity for both of us.”

    Doctorow, a longtime Hollywood executive, launched Random Media in 2013. Random Media’s library includes  “Escape from Tomorrow,” “The Visit,” “Killswitch” and “Fare.” Tugg has a library of 1,800 titles and relationships with over 85% of the theater screens in the US, including independent cinemas and exhibitors Alamo Drafthouse, AMC Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Studio Movie Grill, and Regal Cinemas.



    February 8, 2017




    Los Angeles, Calif., — February 2017 — Random Media, a leader in distribution and promotion of independent cinema, proudly announces the acquisition and release dates for 12 feature films bowing February through April 2017.  The largest slate of indie films in the company’s history, the broad selection includes a broad slate of award-winning indie features includes three documentaries and nine narrative features, released near weekly, with Worldwide debuts bowing on a variety of platforms including DVD, digital and video-on-demand (VOD).   The feature film acquisitions include:

    February 2017

    NOCTURNE (2/7) – a dark, captivating and imaginative off-beat urban fairytale about an over-medicated insomniac who becomes romantically fascinated with a sleepwalking co-worker.

    FARE (2/21) – Filmed entirely inside a moving car in just three days, this dramatic thriller follows a ride share driver and the unexpected passenger who sets off a series of events that threaten the lives of everyone who sets foot inside.

    Us, NAKED (2/28) – Documentary.   A fascinating documentary showcasing the immense artistic perseverance required in the careers of a young circus-burlesque couple as they pursue their labor of love.

    SIDEWALK TRAFFIC (2/28) – featuring cast of indie film veterans and comedians, and a fantastic soundtrack of emerging contemporary artists, this feature is the coming-of-age-story of a new father who, struggling with unemployment and depression, learns to hold on to his dreams and let go of his baggage.

    March 2017

    FRANK VS. GOD (3/7) – the delightful comedy about a man who sues God himself, after his home is destroyed and insurance deems it an ‘Act of God.’

    COMING BACK TO THE HOOP (3/14) – Documentary.  The inspirational story of one (senior) woman’s journey back to basketball and the healing that comes when you connect with something larger than yourself.

    3 DAYS (3/21) – after his tragic death, a man must re-live his last three days on earth, devoid of his personal memories, to determine his place in the after life.

    RAISED BY WOLVES (3/28) – in this terrifying tale, a group of teenagers stumble upon a remote house while looking for a place to skateboard and raise hell.  Unfortunately, the house also happens to be the location of a horrific 1973 mass suicide. Now, the kids are unknowingly becoming possessed and turning against one another, repeating the home’s violent past.

    April 2017

    THE WORLD’S LARGEST BALL OF TWINE (4/4) – Documentary.  A fantastically quirky documentary showcasing two competing Midwest farm towns and the value their twine balls represent!

    OVUM (4/11) – The story of a struggling New York actress who will do anything for a role. When her method acting exercise leads her into the mysterious world of egg donation clinics, she realizes there is more at stake, and must contemplate a bigger question: what is the true worth of a human egg?

    BEHIND THE MIRROR (4/18) – the thrilling story of a writer who moves to upstate New York with his family for a fresh start, but when hostile townspeople invade his privacy and a cunning shaman manipulates him, life spirals dangerously out of control.

    THOSE LEFT BEHIND (4/25) – the moving drama of a family finally coming to terms with the grief over their son’s suicide 25 years earlier.


    “We’re excited and proud to launch the most impressive line-up of films in the history of our company,’ noted Random Media CEO Eric Doctorow.” “Releasing a brand new indie film every week on multiple platforms gives us the opportunity to film fans everywhere by providing them terrific films to discover on a consistent basis.”

    Complete release platforms, trailers, artwork and expanded press information about each exciting release is available or is forthcoming to www.RandomMedia.com.

    About Random Media:

    Random Media is a content company that acquires and distributes films on a worldwide basis through movie theatres, conventional brick and mortar retailers, digital platforms, cable and satellite companies and television networks.  Random Media’s library includes such acclaimed films as Escape From TomorrowThe Visit, Meth Head, Desert Cathedral and Killswitch: The Battle To Control The Internet.





  • Random Media Proudly Announces the Debut of Travis Gutiérrez Senger’s Breathtaking ‘Found Footage’ Drama ‘DESERT CATHEDRAL’

    September 19, 2016

    Los Angeles – August 8, 2016

    Based on a True Story Blending Actual Archival Materials And Narrative Storytelling On Digital VOD and EST Platforms – September 27!

    Desert Cathedral, Travis Gutiérrez Senger’s stunning debut feature set in the early 90’s about broken real estate developer Peter Collins, who mysteriously disappears into the desert and documents his fascinating but tragic journey on VHS tape, will be released by Random Media, on digital VOD and digital (EST) platforms – September 27. Utilizing real ‘found footage’, this evocative narrative uniquely blends fact and fiction and is carried by a captivating performance by Lee Tergesen (Oz, Generation Kill, Monster), as Peter Collins. The film also features up-and-comer Chaske Spencer (The Twilight Saga, Banshee) as the private detective who tracks down and befriends Collins, having been hired by his desperate wife (Petra Wright). The film incorporates audio and VHS video from the true subject’s real journey seamlessly into the film and explores the psychological breakdown of an all American man.


    In the spirit of the film and the found VHS footage, Desert Cathedral will also be released on limited edition VHS.

    Desert Cathedral is the directorial debut feature from award-winning filmmaker Travis Gutiérrez Senger (short film accolades include the Tribeca International Film Festival and Austin’s renowned South By Southwest). This promising debut features the breathtaking cinematography of Michael Ragen (Kicks, Faults) and a powerful score from Saunder Jurriaans and Danny Bensi (Enemy, Last Days in the Desert).

    Far from the world of smart phones, tablets and devices that are so pervasive in our everyday life, Desert Cathedral’s fascinating true story unfolds just as the age of personal electronics was dawning. With the advent and affordability of portable VHS recorders, for the first time ever, average people could document daily life, as Peter Collins did. Senger utilizes the existence of this real ‘found footage’ to create a unique cinematic experience that reflects our time.

    Official Synopsis

    Utilizing actual found footage, Desert Cathedral tells the story of a broken real estate developer, Peter Collins (Lee Tergesen), who mysteriously disappears into the Southwest in 1992, leaving behind a series of VHS tapes to his employer and family. Without the aid of the police, his desperate wife (Petra Wright) hires private investigator, Duran Palouse (Chaske Spencer) to locate his whereabouts and bring him home. After the two befriend each other, Peter discovers Duran’s true identity and flees deeper into the depths of the desert where, through a cat-and-mouse chase climax, tragedy strikes.

    LOGLINE: A broken real estate developer mysteriously disappears into the Southwest in 1992, leaving behind a series of VHS tapes to his employer and family.


    About the Director:

    Travis Gutiérrez Senger is a New York City based Director, Writer and Producer. His past projects have won top awards at Tribeca, SXSW, Seattle, and other festivals around the world. In 2016 he co-founded Asa Nisi Masa Films, based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is currently in development on Freewolves, a dark comedy-drama about two brothers navigating through a state-funded rehab in New York City with producer Adam Folk (Cold in July, Bushwick).

    About Random Media:

    Random Media is a content company that acquires and distributes films on a worldwide basis through movie theatres, conventional brick and mortar retailers, digital platforms, cable and satellite companies and television networks.  Random Media’s library includes such acclaimed films as The Motel Life, Escape From TomorrowThe Visit, Meth Head and For Those in Peril.






  • KILLSWITCH: The Battle To Control The Internet Debuts on Digital VOD and Streaming Platforms – September 13!

    September 19, 2016

    Los Angeles – August 26, 2016

    A Searing Exposé and Cautionary Tale About Internet ‘Hacktivists’ EDWARD SNOWDEN & AARON SWARTZ

    And Their Quest to Save Democracy

     The debut digital VOD and streaming release of Killswitch: The Battle To Control The Internet includes iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, X-Box, Vudu and more.

    Trailer – https://vimeo.com/141338106

    “One of the most honest accounts of the battle to control the Internet — and access to information itself. “

    - U.S. Representative Alan Grayson

    The film is backed by over 70 ‘Open Internet’ activist groups, including Free Press and The Center for Media Justice. Killswitch: The Battle To Control The Internetwas created by Cinecity Pictures and Akorn Entertainment and is directed by Ali Akbarzadeh. It was written by Christopher Dollar and Ali Akbarzadeh. The film is produced by Jeffrey Horn. Lauren Taubman serves as Executive Producer.



    The Internet is under attack. Free Speech, innovation, and democracy are all up for grabs.

    Official Film Synopsis:

    The Internet is under attack. Free speech, innovation, and democracy are all up for grabs.

    Killswitch: The Battle To Control The Internet is about the battle for control over the internet. Lawrence Lessig, Tim Wu and Peter Ludlow frame the story of two young hacktivists, Aaron Swartz & Edward Snowden, who symbolize the disruptive and dynamic nature of the internet.

    Their lives parallel one another as they free information to millions on the internet, putting them directly in the cross-hairs of the most powerful interests in the world. Will this be a cautionary tale of what happens when you dare to take on elite power structures? Or will it be the spark that ignites a revolution that will redefine democracy in the digital age?

    About Random Media:

    Random Media is a content company that acquires and distributes films on a worldwide basis through movie theatres, conventional brick and mortar retailers, digital platforms, cable and satellite companies and television networks.  Random Media’s library includes such acclaimed films as The Motel Life, Escape From TomorrowThe Visit, Meth Head and For Those in Peril.






  • ‘LOLA’S LAST LETTER ’ National Debut on Digital VOD and Streaming Platforms – September 6!

    September 19, 2016

    Los Angeles – August 8, 2016

    On September 6, Indie film leader Random Media proudly debuts Lola’s Last Letter, the powerful and relatable story of a young girl who tries to piece her life back together in the aftermath of a huge mistake. Making an apology video letter for her mysterious pen-pal “Henry,” Lola seeks the answer to a question all too familiar to anyone who’s ever done something they wish they hadn’t – “How do we move on?” The directorial debut of Valerie Brandy, who also wrote and stars in the titular role, Lola’s Last Letter features Annamarie Kenoyer (TV’s ‘Southland’ and ‘Lie To Me’) as Lola’s best friend ‘Ree.’ Talented actor Travis Quentin Young (‘The Replacement Child,’ ABC Family’s ‘Teen Spirit’) plays Lola’s new love interest. The film also features Peter Banifaz (TV’s ‘Moms’) and versatile actor Tom Colitt (“On the Rocks” and “Kristall-Nacht Sonata”).

    The national digital VOD and streaming release of Lola’s Last Letter includes iTunes, Amazon, Youtube, X-Box, VUDU, FandanagoNOW and more.

    ‘Lola’s Last Letter Explores Atonement and Redemption with a Unique Twist…’

    - Jennifer O’Connell, The Examiner

    ‘Valerie Brandy is Breathtakingly Real and Raw … Her Work is Utterly Unforgettable’

    - Jason Coleman, StarPulse


    Logline: Lola is making a video apology for a mysterious man named Henry. Who is he, and why can’t Lola move on?

    Official Synopsis

    “Have you ever made a mistake, Henry?”

    Lola (Valerie Brandy) — a 22 year old ex-con who spends her time completing her community service by picking up trash on the side of the highway – while making an apology video letter for her mysterious pen-pal “Henry.” Through her antics, which range from darkly humorous to heartbreakingly honest, we discover a girl who’s full of contradictions. Tugged in opposite directions by her best friend Ree (Annamarie Kenoyer), and her new love interest Sam (Travis Quentin Young), Lola tries to piece her life back together in the aftermath of a huge mistake. Lola seeks the answer to a question familiar to anyone who’s ever done something they wish they hadn’t: “How do we move on?”

    About the Director:

    Valerie Brandy is a director, screenwriter, and actress based in Los Angeles.  As an actress, she recurred on FX’s Emmy award-winning series “Justified” as Trixie, working with Mykelti Williamson in episodes directed by Adam Arkin. Features and shorts she’s appeared in have screened at dozens of festivals across the country, including Tribeca, AFI, Starz Denver, the Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival, the Dances with Films festival, and many others. In 2015, her performance as Lola in “Lola’s Last Letter” earned her a Best Principal Actress Nomination from the Los Angeles Film Review. Valerie directed, wrote, and starred in the film, which was shot in just seven days.

    Brandy’s first feature length screenplay “Dying with Daisy,” was a quarterfinalist in the prestigious Nicholl Fellowships (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). She sold her second full-length feature at age 21, and became one of the youngest female members of The Writers Guild of America. She is currently adapting multiple projects, contracting both with major studios and independent production companies. She most recently completed an adaptation of the young adult novel “The Summer of Naked Swim Parties,” which she is also attached to direct.

    Lola’s Last Letter is co-produced by Sherri Lennon. Katie Walker is director of photography.

    About Random Media:

    Random Media is a content company that acquires and distributes films on a worldwide basis through movie theatres, conventional brick and mortar retailers, digital platforms, cable and satellite companies and television networks.  Random Media’s library includes such acclaimed films as The Motel Life, Escape From TomorrowThe Visit, Meth Head and For Those in Peril.






  • ‘ARROWS OF FIRE ’ Debuts on Digital VOD and Streaming Platforms – September 6!

    September 19, 2016

    Los Angeles – August 15, 2016

    Across the Spectacular Australian Outback

    A Powerful Story of Comradeship; of Discovery; of Endurance!

    A unique and powerful motorcycle adventure taking audiences across the vast Australian outback, Random Media proudly presents the national digital VOD and streaming debut of Arrows of Fire on September 6, 2016. What began as documentary filmmakers taking a respite from everyday life by taking an extreme adventure — became instead a very personal story testing the bonds of friendship and family as the group came face-to-face with their own mortality, when one member suffers a terrible accident in the remotest part of the journey. A true-life adventure filmed by the riders themselves without the assistance of support vehicles, using only on-board cameras, the film brings audiences closer to the action and ultimately the dramatic story. More than just a chronicle of a picturesque ride in the Australian outback, Arrows of Fire is a compelling, thought-provoking tale of comradeship, discovery and endurance, through the eye of the rider.

    The debut digital VOD and streaming release of Arrows of Fire includes iTunes, Amazon, Youtube, X-Box, VUDU, FandanagoNOW and more.

    Logline: Seeking relief from city life, four mates ride motorbikes into the Australian outback where a disaster fractures their mateship and calls into question their need for adventure.

    Arrows of Fire stars Josh Evans, Paul Evans, Duncan Menge and Ben Rollison. It was created by Lost Highway Productions and is written and directed by Duncan Menge. The film is produced by Duncan Menge and Josh Evans.

    About the ‘Eye of the Rider’ Series:

    ‘Eye Of The Rider’ is a series of films exploring the mind of the motorcycle rider. Arrows Of Fire is the latest installment. These documentaries are some of the earliest examples of filmmaking using “Point-Of-View” cameras to show the action from the riders’ perspective. Duncan Menge and Josh Evans do this by using a variety of cameras, some mounted on the rider, some on the bike.

    Official Film Synopsis

    Arrows of Fire is more than just a chronicle of a father, his adult son and two mates on a picturesque motorcycle ride in the Australian outback. Drawing parallels between the early space explorers, Paul, Josh, Duncan and Ben don their riding gear and take off on a journey into their physical, mental and emotional limits. The ride will ultimately test the bonds of their mate-ship as they seek respite from every-day life through adventure.

    However, what confronts them is something they could never prepare for, coming face-to-face with their own mortality when Josh crashes in the remote Australian Outback and needs to be rescued by the Flying Doctors. As Josh undergoes emergency surgery to save his leg, his absence sparks a chain of events that plays out beyond the completion of the ride, as friendships fracture with Ben when he shows a lack of compassion towards the crash incident, and he clashes with Duncan as Paul leaves to join his son in hospital. Duncan and Ben keep riding to the planned destination but the damage is done and ultimately Ben stops riding motorbikes.

    The journey also brings Paul face-to-face with his greatest fear, and a recurring dream becomes a reality as he cradles his son’s head in his lap after the crash. Fortunately, Paul’s life and that of his son are changed for the better but the scars of the crash are felt by all involved for many years to come.

    Filmed by the motorbike riders with no support vehicles and using on-board cameras to put you in the saddle with the action, Arrows of Fire tells the story of comradeship, discovery and endurance through the eye of the rider.

    About Random Media:

    Random Media is a content company that acquires and distributes films on a worldwide basis through movie theatres, conventional brick and mortar retailers, digital platforms, cable and satellite companies and television networks.  Random Media’s library includes such acclaimed films as The Motel Life, Escape From TomorrowThe Visit, Meth Head and For Those in Peril.






    Don Rosenberg Named COO; Kenn Heller to Head Acquisitions

    June 28, 2016

    Los Angeles – June 28, 2016

    Los Angeles–based independent film acquisition and distribution company Random Media proudly announces an expansive slate of seven all-­‐newfeature films to be released throughout the fall of 2016. The eclectic line-­‐up,released through Random Media’s new worldwide distribution agreement with leading independent film distributor The Orchard, includes award-­‐winning documentaries ARROWS OF FIRE (9/6), a gritty motorcycle adventure documentary that takes audiences across the Australian outback; KILLSWITCH (9/13), a searing exposé and cautionary tale about Internet Hacktivists Edward Snowden & Aaron Swartz and their quest to save democracy and PENCILS DOWN! THE 100 DAYS OF THE WRITERS GUILD STRIKE (11/8), a poignant chronicle of the 100-­‐day writers strike which brought Hollywood production to a halt.

    Exciting narrative film releases in the slate include LOLA’S LAST LETTER (9/6), an emotionally charged drama about a 22-­‐year old who makes and apology video letter for her mysterious pen-­‐pal”Henry”; DESERT CATHEDRAL (9/27), the breathtaking story of a broken real estate developer who mysteriously disappears into the desert Southwest, which is based on a true story and utilizes ‘found footage’; GHOSTING (10/4), an eerie supernatural thriller; and ASTRAEA (10/4), a critically-­‐acclaimed post-­‐apocalyptic drama, set in the snowbound woods of northernMaine.

    In tandem with the product announcement, Random Media has promoted 35-­‐year entertainment industry/publishing veteran   Don   Rosenberg   to   Chief   Operating   Officer. Rosenberg had previously served as head of operations since the founding of the company. Kenn Heller has been named as Random Media’s Head of Acquisitions, a new position that will work closely with the entire media team as it expands its diverse slate of films for release across platforms. Heller spent 35 years as a member of the senior leadership team at UCLA where he was responsible for many aspects of Student Affairs, including managing the university’s renowned film, music and speaker programs.

    “We’re excited about the truly remarkable selection of fall releases and the growth our company is experiencing,” noted Random Media CEO Eric Doctorow. “It’s a great time to work in indie film, with a fantastic range of exciting releases coming from all over the world. We’re thrilled to help bring them to audiences.”






  • Movie Review: HAPPILY EVER AFTER – Starring Sarah Paxton & Julie Montgomery

    March 14, 2016

    Festivalreviews.org – March 12, 2016

    Running at almost 2 hours, HAPPILY EVER AFTER is a delightful comedy drama about two high school friends who both have the identical goal of living happily ever after. The only problem is that it is almost impossible task to accomplish, as most human beings can attest to.

    The film centres on Heather (Janet Montgomery), an edgy documentary filmmaker in her 20s returning to her small Canadian hometown to look after her ailing father, Walt (Oscar nominee Peter Firth). She had left the town and her friends and family for Toronto after high school. She then reluctantly agrees to film the wedding video for her former high school best friend Sarah Ann (Sara Paxton). Things turn out more complicated than expected as the film turns into sort of a bedroom farce involving the whole town.

    And between family and secrets, Heather is convinced that she and the seemingly carefree bride-to-be have nothing in common – except perhaps the high school teacher they both fell in love with (Tom Cullen).

    It takes quite a while for Carr-Wiggin’s film to get a solid footing. The first half of the film appears to be all over the place with too many characters and an annoying lead. The situations all centring around a wedding also seems superfluous. But one has to be patient for HAPPILY EVER AFTER to settle in. It takes a while but the waiting pays off. The film shifts its focus from the lead character to the two leads, the lead and her best friend with an additional twist in the plot coming near the end (which will not be revealed in this review).

    The film is about leaving a small town and making good. Another film that deals with this same theme, my favourite but highly forgotten INDEPENDENCE DAY (not the disaster pic) also showed the really difficult decision of small town folk having to make the decision to get away even though all logic points into doing so. The best thing about HAPPILY EVER AFTER is that the lead has left for the big city of Toronto but has not got much success either. She is a documentarist wannabe. Yet all the small townsfolk still admire her, if not for her decision to leave, despite the current state of affairs. The fact that Heather is not perfect and has just an equal if not larger amount of problems makes her character a more interesting one.

    The film grows on the audience like a small town does on its visitors. At first annoying and uneventful, a small-town and the film gradually enchants its audience with its small town charm.

    Carr-Wiggins characters also are all searching for simple happiness. They are all looking for love, and often in all the wrong places – i.e. the same town. The ‘follow your heart’ message is a bit too obvious, but given the situation of losers, it is an appropriate one to entertain the audience. There is more than meets the eye in this neat little film.